The Motivation for Renewable Energy and its Comparison with Other Energy Sources: A Review

Rajvikram Madurai Elavarasan 1 *

European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: em0076.


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Energy is the backbone of the evolution of humanity, it has assisted mankind to endeavor through various ages of history. The quest to obtain energy with minimal expenditure and pollution is still being worked on and will continue on in the future. Even in this modern age, energy production in several developing countries often falls short of energy requirements which results in frequent power cuts. As the world economy continues to grow, energy consumption is expected to continue to grow. Fossil fuel is limited, so it is important to consider other sources of energy e.g. renewables especially solar to meet the energy demands in the future. The world has diverse solar energy sources which are not yet fully explored. This review sheds light on the solar renewable energy and other non-renewable sources of energy available in the world and a comparative analysis of both the energy resources across the world is also included as a separate section titled ‘Comparative analysis’. It also gives a brief overview of the various techniques employed by different countries to overcome the energy crisis through and also a framework for employing such techniques in countries which are lagging in energy production in order to fully avail the benefits of energy sources, which are abundant in the world.


energy, power cuts, energy demand, renewable sources, non-renewable resources




Elavarasan RM. The Motivation for Renewable Energy and its Comparison with Other Energy Sources: A Review. European Journal of Sustainable Development Research. 2019;3(1):em0076.

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