Advances in Sustainable Development Research

Marc A. Rosen 1 *

EUROPEAN J SUSTAINAB DEV, Volume 3, Issue 2, Article No: em0085.

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for developing plans and policies for sustainable development, and have spurred an increase in research and activity in this field. There is no single approach to sustainable development, as approaches will vary from country to country, reflecting national and local needs and contexts. But care is needed in moving forward with the Sustainable Development Goals, if their benefits are to be realized. This issue of the European Journal of Sustainable Development Research marks its second anniversary, and demonstrates that the journal has already made a notable impact on the field of sustainable development through having published research on many recent advances.


sustainable development, sustainable development goals, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, social sustainability



Rosen, M. A. (2019). Advances in Sustainable Development Research. European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 3(2), em0085.

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