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Special issue on "Sustainable Energy Production and Environmental Management"

Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Nuray Ates

Environmental Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Erciyes University, Turkey

Special issue contact: nuraya@erciyes.edu.tr

Web: avesis.erciyes.edu.tr/nuraya


Since the beginning of the 21st century, increases in population growth, urbanization and industrial growth, as well as excessive consumption and poverty, have put great pressure on the environment and energy supplies and security. Therefore, the prevention and management of environmental pollution along with sustainable energy production and consumption have become increasingly important issues facing the world today. Global concerns have been growing for the last half a century regarding the high amounts and different kinds of pollutants in air, soil and water resulting from increases in population, industrialization and agricultural activities. In addition, climate change and global warming, depletion of water resources, soil degradation, hazardous and radioactive material releases are among the environmental issues that cause serious concern. Nonetheless, the need for energy and dependence on it are increasing rapidly with the growing industrialization, population and economies. Since energy is one of most important driving forces of the global economy, it is crucial for economic and social development as well as improvement of living standards and quality of life. To face these challenges, all countries should establish and follow sustainable development policies to prevent environmental pollution and reduce energy needs. The special issue particularly welcomes papers that consider the prospects for environmental pollution reduction and protection, as well as energy technologies, materials and controls. Contributions are particularly sought that describe novel and significant developments and applications in the following fields:
Environmental Engineering 
Environmental Remediation
Removal of Pollution and Contaminants
Environmental Risk Assessment
Waste Management
Wind Energy Applications
Hydropower Applications
Photovoltaic Technology
Solar Thermal Applications
Geothermal Applications
Energy Storage

Important dates:
Manuscript Due Date: July 1, 2021
First Round of Reviews Completion Date: October 15, 2021 (estimate)
Publication Date: December 1, 2021 (estimate)

Instructions for submission: To submit a manuscript for this special issue, authors must select "Special Issue" / “Sustainable Energy Production and Environmental Management” as the Issue Type.