Proposal of a Global Handicraft Index for Sustainable Development: A Visionary Approach for Small Industry and Developing Strategies for Handicraft (Rural Industry)
Uma Shankar Yadav 1 * , Ravindra Tripathi 1 , Gyan Prakash Yadav 2 , Mano Ashish Tripathi 1
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1 Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, Prayagraj, INDIA2 UPRTOU, Allahabad, INDIA* Corresponding Author


The purpose of this paper is to give a separate index for the development of handicraft products developing sustainable completion and better utilization of the natural and rural industry and better completion in handicraft industries, conserving the heritage of all countries handmade tradition, the skill of artisans, making them entrepreneurship to artisans. Among them, we know that whole world is facing a big problem of plastic glass and other population and climate is also affecting due to environmental pollution in the world so if all want to maintain their life and living patter better and sustainable then they should have to make the product for their utility that is sustainable and utility decorative and that will have to give local job and enhancing the local talent of the artisan and rural, tribal people special women. We know that all are worker but want to be entrepreneur and earn their mount and increase the GDP of their country and in last want to be happy in the world so the objective to the paper is to develop and innovation and suggest first global handicraft index like global innovation index, global happiness index, global hanger index, global environments risk assessment index, and other index that have help the world each country for developing and giving better competition between the other sector, and other sector so in case of handicraft sector that artisans, and worker ground completion’s, better development, capacity building of the artisan women empowerment in handicraft sector and in last socio-economic welfare of artisan and over global development the reviving of handicraft industry in the world that is facing huge problem in comparison of machine-made product in current scenario and to conserve our local talent, our heritage product, our tradition and ancient skill and monument and sustainability to product and eco-friendly living pattern of the people in whole world.


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EUR J SUSTAIN DEV RES, 2022, Volume 6, Issue 2, Article No: em0185

Publication date: 22 Mar 2022

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