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Research Article
Descriptive Analysis of Viewpoint of Students and Faculty towards Information and Communication Technology in Relation to Gender: A Case Study of Indian Universities
European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 2018, 2(1), 06,
ABSTRACT: This paper explores the current scenario of Information and communication technology (ICT) awareness in Government and Private Universities located in two northern states in India. It emphasizes on the faculty and student’s viewpoints towards ICT awareness in relation to their gender. The author is analyzed the viewpoint of students and faculty who are providing and receiving higher education in government and private Institutions located in northern India. Gender wise analysis is performed using descriptive percentage analysis. Further, the range of response analysis is performed for explore viewpoints of students towards information and communication technology factors. More than nine hundred participants from six Universities have participated in this research. The outcome shows the huge necessity to integrate the higher education with latest technology in northern Indian Universities. The normative survey was conducted in the year 2015 by researcher.