A Teaching Module for Engineers on Robotic Safety: Approaches and Effectiveness

Marc A. Rosen 1, Dan Zhang 2 *

EUROPEAN J SUSTAINAB DEV, Volume 4, Issue 1, Article No: em0107.


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A teaching module recently developed by the authors for engineers on robotic safety using various approaches (Powerpoint presentation and written document) is described and an assessment of the effectiveness of using the module is presented. The effectiveness of the teaching module and its different approaches is assessed by using it in a class setting, and surveying the opinions of the students. The content delivery approaches and learning approaches are also assessed, based on student opinions. The teaching module is determined to be effective at promoting student learning on robotics safety, and to offer multiple useful delivery modes. The teaching module thus allows students with different learning preferences to exploit the delivery mode the find most suitable.


teaching module, teaching effectiveness, robotics, safety




Rosen, M. A., and Zhang, D. (2020). A Teaching Module for Engineers on Robotic Safety: Approaches and Effectiveness. European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 4(1), em0107. https://doi.org/10.29333/ejosdr/6295

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