A Conceptual Design of Energy Harvest from Roadside Trees of a Highway
Minhajul Haque Minar 1, Md. Shawon Rana 1, Sahriar Rahman Tanvir 1, Dewan Hasan Ahmed 1 *
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1 Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka, BANGLADESH
* Corresponding Author


An experimental setup is constructed to harvest energy from wind by means of oscillating of a body, structure or even trees. A vertical stem which can oscillate or bend is connected with a rack and pinion and finally pinion is connected with generator to harvest the electrical energy. Once the force is applied on the top of the stem, the connecting wire pulls the rack and pinion is in rotary motion and generates the power. The experiments are carried out for both applied static force and wind assist dynamic force. The experimental results show that the forces exerted on the stem are very much influenced by the stem height, the rack length for power generation. The results from wind assist experiments reveals that the sail size and the materials of both stem and sails play vital role on power generation. The constructed setup shows a good prospect on power generation from wind specially the places like highways, urban areas or any other places where the tree or any other object or structure oscillate.


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EUR J SUSTAIN DEV RE, 2020 - Volume 4 Issue 1, Article No: em0106

Publication date: 02 Nov 2019

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