Investigation of Influence of Injector Opening Pressure and Nozzle Geometry on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of DI Diesel Engine with CAOME
Varun Kumar Reddy N 1 2, S. G. Sangashetty 3, Nagaraj Ramalingayya Banapurmath 4 *
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1 Assistant Professor, REVA University, INDIA
2 Research Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, RRCE, Bangalore, INDIA
3 Professor, Rajarajeshswari College of Engineering, Bengaluru, VTU, INDIA
4 B.V.B. College of Engineering and Technology, INDIA
* Corresponding Author


The diminution of fossil fuels and stringent pollution norms obliging researchers to search for fuels that result in less pollution and the one that suits to power compressed ignition engines. In the current work the effect IOP (Injector opening pressure) and nozzle geometry on the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine fueled by Castor oil methyl esters (CAOME) is reported. For a 5-hole nozzle at 240 bar IOP the highest brake power is obtained (27.32%). Peak pressure gradual upturn was observed when the IOP was varied from 210 bar to 240 bar and the peak value of pressure is 79 bar at IOP of 240 bar.


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Article Type: Research Article

EUROPEAN J SUSTAINAB DEV, 2019 - Volume 3 Issue 4, Article No: em0093

Publication date: 29 May 2019

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