Pro-environmental Printing Behaviour as an Indicator to Reduce Paper Cost at Work

Javed Iqbal Suleri 1 *

European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, Volume 2, Issue 3, Article No: 38.


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Today we are facing environmental hitches such as deforestation and global warming, due to which atmospheric CO2 level has increased by 25% since 1850. It is human activities that have created these problems; hence, the resolutions to these encounters lie in behavioral change. Thus, it is only by empowering people that the environment can be protected. This study aims to explore reduction of printing at elementary schools by enhancing pro-environmental printing behavior. Literature review is presented in the following themes – demographic, impact of printing on the environment and pro-environmental printing behavior. An observation method is applied in this study and data is obtained from 108 teachers from seven elementary schools at three different regions in Northwest Friesland, The Netherlands by using digital print data and printers’ observation. The main findings illustrate that pro-environmental behaviour has a positive effect on the printing behavior. This research reveals that the experimental group printed 45% to 51% less during intervention. Therefore by extending pro environmental behaviour, financial and environmental costs can be minimized. This reading recommends directors of the schools to enhance pro-environmental printing behaviour among teachers to reduce both financial and environmental costs measured as use of paper.


onscreen reading, green printing, pro-environmental behavior, consumer behaviour and environmental sustainability




Suleri JI. Pro-environmental Printing Behaviour as an Indicator to Reduce Paper Cost at Work. European Journal of Sustainable Development Research. 2018;2(3):38.

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