Performance Study of an Advanced Micro-gasifier Stove with Coconut Shell

D. Sakthivadivel 1 * , P. Ganesh Kumar 2, V. S. Vigneswaran 2, M. Meikandan 3, S. Iniyan 2

EUROPEAN J SUSTAINAB DEV, Volume 3, Issue 4, Article No: em0101.

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In this paper, an attempt has been made to study ACS IES-15 micro-gasifier stove tested with Coconut shell. The testing procedure followed to evaluate the performance of the stove is as per the standard protocol WBT 4.2.3, and the results are analysed in terms of thermal efficiency, firepower, specific fuel consumption, turndown ratio and specific energy consumption. It was found that the thermal efficiency of fixed bed advanced micro-gasifier cook stove ACS IES-15 is 36.7±0.4%. Experiments have also been accomplished to provide data to investigate the performance parameters of the new stove. Prominently the turndown ratio was found to be 3.3 shows better control on the combustion of new stove. Economic analysis of the stove reveals better pay back period for coconut shell.


micro-gasifier stove, coconut shell, thermal efficiency, fire power, turndown ratio




Sakthivadivel, D., Ganesh Kumar, P., Vigneswaran, V. S., Meikandan, M., and Iniyan, S. (2019). Performance Study of an Advanced Micro-gasifier Stove with Coconut Shell. European Journal of Sustainable Development Research, 3(4), em0101.

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